Mission Statement: RGWC provides a Christ centered environment for women to break the cycle of addiction and become productive members of society.

Vision:  RGWC will help consumers become spiritually, physically, and emotionally healthy, able to support themselves and their families and give back to their community.

Values:  We value honoring God along with hard work and integrity as a model for success.

Sustainability: RGWC practices Integrity to ensure sustainability by managing operation costs through donations, fundraising and grants.



Mondays @ 6:00 pm: Faith Based 12 step – A Spiritual Journey
Tuesday & Wednesday @ 9:00 am: Godly Parenting
Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm: Various Group Topics- currently, Living Free
Wednesdays & Thursdays @ 1:15 pm: HISET/GED

Our Objectives:

  • Provide safe housing and possible opportunities for future independent living
  • Offer Bible-based classes to promote spiritual healing
  • Examine the emotions that contribute to addiction
  • Promote family counseling
  • Help find appropriate clothing and help with resume and interview skills
  • Encourage higher education, GED or college
  • Facilitate Support Group: restoring relationships, anger management, life skills, and emotional healing
  • Encourage participants to resolve legal issues
  • Provide volunteer work that will help build resumes and references


My name is Carmella Fenske and I was in the first graduating group of ladies. Thanks to the things I learned at Recycling Grace I have made it through a job loss, my mother’s extensive illness and amputation, my daughters suicide, my mother’s heart attack and personal injury in a very short period of time without relapsing. I am a true testament that RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE. Recycling Grace has helped many achieve sobriety and gave them the tools to retain it. I OWE MY LIFE TO RECYCLING GRACE.
Carmella Fenske

RGWC Graduate

Recycling Grace Women’s Center is a safe place for women seeking recovery from additions. This Christian-based program ministers to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of women. The center provides a safe environment for women to develop the life skills necessary to live successful lives.
Dr. Cythia Brown

Butler County Health Center

When I first went to Recycling Grace Women’s Center, I was completely broken and had no hope for a future. I had been in my addiction for about sixteen years. My life was a wreck and I had no idea how to fix it.The people of Recycling Grace took me in, gave me a place to stay, (which was nicer than I had ever lived in) but most of all they loved me, even when I felt I was unworthy of love. I did not understand at first how people who did not know me could care so much to help me, but it wasn’t long before I started to figure it out. When they told me about God and his love for me, I started attending church, reading the bible and the more I read and listened, I began to realize it wasn’t them as much as it was the Lord and his unwavering love for me that would get me through this trying time in my life. They counseled me, and helped me to realize my past was not what was going to define me, I didn’t have to stay in the past, I could have a future, and with the Grace of God I could beat my addictions in my life. There were groups, to help in different areas of my life, such as my family, my education, and parenting. I learned structure, routine, and stability. Just being able to learn how to live on a day to day basis was a lot more than I had had in my life. Recycling Grace Women’s Center not only showed me God’s love for me, they showed me how to live, and have peace and joy in my life. They showed me a future that I would have never dreamed for myself. Now I am truly living and enjoying life more and thanks to God and Recycling Grace, I am a better mother to my beautiful children and I cherish the life I have been given.
Charissa Painter

RGWC Graduate